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Don’t like the idea of a hair in your food? Guess what – your dog bloody loves it!

So why waste what they want?

Cut and dried, our protein packed off-cuts are the no-nonsense, guilt-free treat from you, that’s a high value reward for them.

Additives? Hell NAW! Free range and 100% the real deal, our products are easy on your mutt’s guts. From the first crunch to the last munch, and trust us, our chews last, you’ll be working their gnashers, keeping their gums clean and minds keen.

And relax, all our products are hormone-free, so your dog will be getting none of the nasties but all of the best feels.

Whether you’re trekking, training or just trying to chill them out our tasty treats will set tails wagging, so why not suffer the slobber for your four-legged-friend.

Oh, and the hairy lug - well that’s a natural worm preventative right there.

Trust us, these are the chews they’d choose.

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