NAW Beef Head Skin Dog Treats

NAW Beef Head Skin Dog Treats

Supports dental hygiene
No additives
High in protein
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NAW Beef Head Skin Dog Treats

NAW Beef Head Skin Dog Treats

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Supports dental hygiene
No additives
High in protein

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Show them some love by showing some skin - they’ll go wild for it. Our Beef Head Skin is packed with naturally occurring protein, beefy flavour and is the high value reward for your top dog. 

  • Supports dental hygiene
  • No additives
  • High in protein


Containing nothing but 100% beef, our no-nonsense Beef Head Skin are gluten and grain free, and no processing needed High in protein, these chews act as a great dental treat – helping to keep your dog’s gnashers clear of plaque.


Ingredients: 100% Beef

Analysis: Protein: min 75.91%, Fat: 7.89%, Moisture: 10.51%, Ash: 4.68%

How to Use

• Simply give to your dog as a treat.

• Always make sure a fresh bowl of drinking water is available.

•Suitable for dogs over 4 months of age.

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What is NAW Beef Head Skin made of?

NAW Beef Head Skin is made of 100% beef, providing your dog with a naturally occurring protein-rich treat. These beef head skins offer a flavorful and satisfying chew for your furry companion.

How does NAW Beef Head Skin benefit my dog's dental hygiene?

These beef head skins support dental hygiene by acting as a natural chew that helps to keep your dog's teeth clean and clear of plaque.

Chewing on these skins can help reduce tartar buildup and promote healthier gums, contributing to better oral health for your dog

Are there any additives in NAW Beef Head Skin?

No, NAW Beef Head Skin contains no additives or preservatives. It is a pure and natural treat made solely from beef, ensuring a wholesome and nutritious snack for your dog.

How should I give NAW Beef Head Skin to my dog?

Simply give these beef head skins to your dog as a high-value reward or treat.

They are suitable for dogs over 4 months of age and can be enjoyed as a tasty snack option. Always ensure there is fresh drinking water available for your dog.

What is the nutritional analysis of NAW Beef Head Skin?

The nutritional analysis of these treats is as follows:

Protein: minimum 75.91%
Fat: 7.89%
Moisture: 10.51%
Ash: 4.68%

With a high protein content and moderate levels of fat and moisture, NAW Beef Head Skin offers a nutritious and satisfying treat option for your dog's enjoyment and overall well-being.

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