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The safer alternative than using human wipes on your pups. Our dog wipes have been formulated with your dog in mind. Whether it's eyes, ears or bums you need to wipe, we have the wipe for you. Browse our range below and buy online today.

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Are dog wipes good for dogs?

There are many dog wipes on the market, some are better than others! Always check weather the dog wipes have been made from natural ingredients and check the reviews. We have a range of dog wipes to help keep on top of your dogs hygiene. Scented dog wipes suitable for face, body and bums all the way down to cleaning wipes for their teeth.

Using natural ingredients, all our wipes are vet approved and allergen free, making them completely safe and beneficial for use on dogs.

Is it OK to use baby wipes on dogs?

No, although you may not see immediate negative effects after using human baby wipes on dogs, long term usage can cause issues. Due to the different chemicals and products used in baby wipes, it can cause irritation, dry skin and rashes on your dog's skin. Check our our itch relief for dogs if your pooch is currently experiencing skin irritation.