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Dog feeding accessories are important to keep your dog engaged and excited for meal time. Using accessories like slow feeders and licky mats will help your dog eat at a healthy rate and mentally stimulate them, ensuring all their needs are met. Take a look at our feeding accessories below and buy online today.

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Will a picky dog eventually eat?

If your dog has become fussy towards it’s food, it is usually because it is bored. Try mixing up potion sizes, food flavours and the way you feed your dog. Stimulating your dog with a slow feeder bowl or dog lick mat can help meal times become exciting again, bringing their appetite back up whilst also tiring them out in the process. 

Another alternative is to add dog friendly supplements to your pups food. You can go as simpleas adding carrots from your fridge or really push the boat out with some salmon oil. Not only does adding supplements to your dogs food help change the flavour, they have endless health benefits to improve their coat, joints and overall gut health.