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Dental care for dogs is our speciality! That’s why we have vet approved, specially formulated products designed to keep your dogs teeth and breath fresh, clean and healthy. Browse our teeth cleaning products for dogs below or try our dog dental care kit. Subscriptions available at a discounted price.

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What is the best thing for your dog's teeth? 

According to Dogs Trust and other back resources, brushing your dog's teeth is paramount for your dog's dental health. It is recommended that you brush your dog's teeth at least once a week using a toothpaste for dogs. Although dental chews are effective to help your dog's teeth, nothing does the job better than brushing! 

What are the best dental care products for dogs?

Below is a list of our best rated OurDogsLife dental products:

Dog Dental Care Bundle

Our dental care bundle has everything you need to keep your dog's teeth squeaky clean. Including, deep cleaning dog toothpaste, dog finger toothbrushes, a triple headed dog toothbrush as part of the dental care kit and some dog teeth wipes.

Dog Dental Cleaning Wipes

OurDogsLife dental wipes are vet approved and enriched with natural ingredients to help promote good dental hygiene for your dog. We only use 100% natural and safe ingredients in our dog teeth wipes to ensure they are safe for dogs of all ages and breeds.