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From 2in1 dog shampoo and conditioners to dry shampoo, OurPetsLife have specially formulated dog wash products to help reduce itching and leave your dog with a shiny and full coat. Take a look at our dog shampoo and conditioner for yourselves…

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Do dogs need conditioner or just shampoo?

Dog shampoo helps remove dirt and clean your dog. Conditioner for dogs is just like conditioner for humans, it helps hydrate and condition the fur. Although it is not a requirement when grooming, it does help achieve the best results. 

Bath time usually isn’t a fun time for pups so a lot of owners grooming their dogs at home skip the conditioning part. That’s why we have developed an all in one dog wash. With this product you can shampoo and condition your pooch in one go, with no fuss. 

Is it OK to wash a dog with human conditioner and shampoo?

The short answer is no. Although it may seem similar, doggy shampoos and conditioners have been specially formulated not to irritate dogs skin. Human shampoos and conditioners have a lot of different chemicals in them that dogs cannot handle, even the gentle or baby versions are a no go for your dog. 

Always use dog friendly shampoos and conditioners to avoid irritation. You may end up needing to use dog itch relief solutions if you do use human products on your dog!