About Us

At OurPetsLife, our mission is to empower pet owners with innovative, reliable, and accessible products that enhance the well-being of their companions, fostering a lifetime of love, health, and happiness.

We understand how trust is of paramount importance when shopping for our furry friends. Which led us to build our first brand, OurDogsLife.

Our Hero Brands

OurDogsLife was born out of frustration - Our Founder Elliot Roxby struggled to find the right products for my beloved German Shepherd Vinnie. Disappointed with the limited options available both online and in stores, he decided to take matters into his own hands and make a change in the dog products industry.

Thanks to our dedicated teams hard work and amazingly loyal furry friend community we grew this brand into 600 retail stores in 21 countries.

Since, we have developed a family of brands, each with their own unique focus to help pet owners.

Our Brands include Ocean Paws, NutriBone, ProBioPets & Many more.


Why limit ourselves to dogs? We take pride in catering to the diverse needs of the entire pet market. Our purpose-built products extend beyond canines, and we have ambitious plans to broaden our offerings to cater to an even wider array of pets.


At OurPetsLife, we prioritise trust and are committed to providing the pet market with unparalleled fulfillment, informative content, exceptional customer service, and products meticulously crafted to meet their specific needs. We pride ourselves on curating a selection that includes not only our proprietary brands but also the finest offerings from top brands in the industry.

Our dedication to excellence ensures that our customers receive only the best products and service, fostering a relationship built on trust and satisfaction.