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Dogs can have a hard time with itching and irritating ears. That's why OurPetsLife offers dog ear care products with fully natural ingredients to help reduce ear irritation. From dog ear wipes to dog ear cleaner, we have the perfect products for any suffering pups. Browse our range of dog ear care below.

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How do I take care of my dogs ears?

Depending on the breed, dogs can be prone to sore and irritated ears. If your dogs ears are not taken care of, this can lead to ear infections and prolonged issues. Avoid the expensive vet trips and start regularly cleaning your dogs ears. Here are some products we recommend starting with:

Ear Cleaning Solution

Our ear cleaning solution for dogs is formulated to help break down stubborn ear wax and keep ears clean. This is suitable for regular use and will help keep on top of your dogs ears. With anti-fungal properties, this solution is perfect for relieving itchy ears and helps eliminate any smelly odours coming from your pups ears. 

Paired with Ear Cleaning Wipes

For the best results, pair the ear cleaning solution with our dog ear cleaning wipes. We recommend using these daily to help remove fresh wax to avoid build up.

Ear infection Treatment for Dogs

If regular use of these products don’t work, it may because your dog  has an ear infection. Vet trips to help with this will be pricey and usually aren’t needed. Our dog ear infection drops help kill 99.9% of bacteria that causes the ear infection to thrive, eliminating the ear infection as quickly as possible.