Pet Keepsake Bundle

Pet Keepsake Bundle

Cherish the memories of your Pet
The perfect Gift for dog owners
A fantastic gift idea
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Pet Keepsake Bundle

Pet Keepsake Bundle

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Cherish the memories of your Pet
The perfect Gift for dog owners
A fantastic gift idea

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Cherish the memories of your beloved pet with our Pet Keepsake Bundle, a heartfelt collection designed to capture and celebrate your pet's life.

1. Clay Paw Print Kit
Create a lasting memory with our easy-to-use air-dry clay kit. Capture your pet’s paw impression and display it in a contemporary white frame with three apertures—one for the paw print and two for your favorite photos. The frame features a wall hanging bracket and a standing strut, allowing you to display it wherever you choose. Each kit includes 250g of air-drying clay, a wooden roller, and a tube of super glue.

2. Non-Toxic Ink Pad
Mark special moments throughout your pet’s life with our mess-free ink pad. Perfect for capturing paw prints safely, this pet-safe ink pad ensures no ink touches your pet’s paw. The kit includes two sheets of A6 thick paper and detailed instructions, making it easy to create beautiful prints.

3. Keepsake Memory Box
Store all your cherished memories in our "Memories & Keepsakes" box, complete with a glass keepsake bottle for fur or hair clippings. The box is perfectly sized to hold the clay kit, ink pad, cherished collars, or leads, keeping your pet's mementos safe and organized.

This Pet Keepsake Bundle is the perfect way to honor your pet's journey, from their first days with you to the special moments you’ll treasure forever. Give it as a thoughtful gift to any pet owner or keep it as a personal tribute to your furry friend.

How to Use

Easy to follow detailed instructions included.

What's Included?

1x Paw Print Clay Mould & Photo Frame Kit
1x Paw Print Ink Pad Kit
1x Complete Pet Keepsake Kit

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Is the air-dry clay safe for pets?

Yes, the air-dry clay is non-toxic and safe for pets.

How long does the clay take to dry?

The clay typically dries within 24-48 hours, depending on the humidity and thickness of the impression.

Can the ink pad be used on multiple pets?

Yes, the non-toxic ink pad can be used multiple times and is safe for all pets.

What size are the photos for the frame?

The frame has two smaller apertures for photos, perfect for standard sizes up to 4x6 inches.

What can the keepsake box hold?

The keepsake box can store the clay kit, ink pad, a glass bottle for fur or hair clippings, collars, leads, and other cherished items.

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