Premium Pet Bone Broth Bundle

Premium Pet Bone Broth Bundle

Promote Gut Health
Supports Joint Health
Grass-fed powdered Broth
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Premium Pet Bone Broth Bundle

Premium Pet Bone Broth Bundle

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Promote Gut Health
Supports Joint Health
Grass-fed powdered Broth

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Transform your pet's nutrition with the Bone Broth Bundle, the perfect solution for discerning pet parents who want the best for their furry friends.

This exclusive bundle features two exceptional bone broth powders, each meticulously crafted to provide comprehensive health benefits and unparalleled flavor, ensuring your pet thrives at any stage of life.

This bundle is the ultimate nutritional upgrade for your pet, combining the potent benefits of turmeric with the irresistible taste of beef.

Each powder is designed to provide essential nutrients and high-quality protein, making mealtime both delicious and beneficial. Give your pet the gift of health and happiness with our expertly crafted bone broth powders.

How to Use

• 1) Start with 1/4 tbsp a day and gradually increase to the required dose suggested below.

• 2) Add the required amount with 1 cup of boiling water and stir until absorbed. This product does not contain anti-caking agents, stir well to avoid clumping. Let it cool before serving.

• 3) Alternatively, add powder to wet or dry dog food with a splash of water for a delicious gravy-like flavour.

• Feeding Guide:
Weight: 1-10kg Dose: 1/2 Tbsp per day.
Weight: 11-23kg Dose: 1Tbsp per day.
Weight: 23-34kg Dose: 1 & 1/2 Tbsp per day.
Weight: 35kg+ Dose: 2Tbsp per day.

What's Included?

• X1 Beef Bone Broth
• X1 Turmeric Bone Broth

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Is the NutriBone Broth Bundle suitable for pets with food sensitivities or allergies?

Yes, both bone broth powders in the bundle are made from premium grass-fed beef bone broth, which is a natural and high-quality protein source. The Bone Broth Powder with Turmeric Extract is also beneficial for pets with sensitive digestion due to its anti-inflammatory properties. However, if your pet has specific allergies, we recommend consulting your veterinarian before introducing new products into their diet.

How long does the bone broth powder last once opened, and how should I store it?

Once opened, the bone broth powder should be stored in a cool, dry place with the lid tightly closed to maintain freshness. It is recommended to use the powder within 3-6 months of opening. Always check the packaging for the specific best-before date and storage instructions to ensure optimal quality and safety for your pet.

How often should I give the bone broth powders to my pet?

The frequency of serving the bone broth powders can depend on your pet's dietary needs and preferences. Generally, you can add the bone broth to your pet's meals once daily as a nutritious supplement. For specific serving recommendations based on your pet's size, age, and health condition, refer to the guidelines on the packaging or consult with your veterinarian.

Are there any artificial additives or preservatives in the bone broth powders?

No, our bone broth powders are made from premium grass-fed beef bone broth and contain no artificial additives or preservatives. We prioritize natural ingredients to ensure your pet receives the highest quality nutrition. The Bone Broth Powder with Turmeric Extract includes turmeric for its natural anti-inflammatory properties, and the Beef Flavor Bone Broth Powder is crafted to be both delicious and nutritious without any artificial enhancements.

Can the bone broth powders help with my pet's picky eating habits?

Yes, the bone broth powders in our Ultimate Pet Bone Broth Bundle are specifically formulated to appeal to picky eaters. The rich, savory flavors of the premium grass-fed beef bone broth and the natural taste enhancements, such as turmeric in the Bone Broth Powder with Turmeric Extract, make them highly palatable. By adding these powders to your pet's regular meals, you can enhance the flavor and nutritional value, making mealtime more enjoyable and encouraging even the pickiest eaters to eat their food.

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