LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs

LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs

Reduce Boredom & Anxiety
Slow Down Mealtime
Perfect for Spreads & Bone Broths
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LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs

LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs

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Reduce Boredom & Anxiety
Slow Down Mealtime
Perfect for Spreads & Bone Broths

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Introducing the LickiMat PRO Tuff Soother for Dogs. The Heavy Duty Dog Lick Mat, a calmer alternative to puzzle toys and slow feeder bowls.

Perfect for Peanut Butter, Yoghurt, Healthy Treats and Distraction.


• HEALTHY DOG DISTRACTOR AND BOREDOM BREAKER: LickiMat's dog lick mat is the ultimate boredom buster for dogs, it will be your dog’s best buddy when you need quiet time and peace when you have guests or whilst on a video call. Keep pets entertained by giving them their favourite healthy spreadable treats from dog peanut butter to raw dog food. Few calories – many minutes of healthy distraction. Check out our website for more recipes.

• NEW PRO TUFF SERIES: Our Ultimate dog lick mat is chew-resistant with non-slip rubber feet and 100% dishwasher safe. Same soft Authentic LickiMat rubber surface for pleasurable licking action and healthier teeth, gums and fresher breath. Gentle on your pet’s tongue. The Tough LickiMat is Developed and recommended by Vets.

• REDUCES ANXIETY, BOREDOM AND DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR – LickiMat's dog feeding mat helps calm and soothe your pet by promoting licking and releasing endorphins. Great for stressful times like thunderstorms and fireworks.

• ANTI GULP SLOW FEEDER & TRAINING AID: LickiMat's dog licking mat works with all manner of treats and foods to promote slower eating, reduce bloating and stop gulping. Foods and treats range from yogurt, dog peanut butter paste and spreadable treats, raw, wet, dry and liquid foods, allowing your pet to enjoy just a small amount of food over a longer period. Perfect for crate training and resource guarding training.

• ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND SAFE: Silicone free, recyclable and made out of human grade rubber. The hard base of the TUFF is better suited for puppies or known chewers. PLEASE SUPERVISE YOUR PET DURING USE. PLEASE REFER TO TRAINING NOTES ON WEBSITE. THIS IS NOT A CHEW TOY.


• Made from non-toxic food grade TPR

How to Use

• Clean the Lickimat before and after each use with warm, soapy water. Let it dry completely.

• Choose your dog's favorite soft treats or spreadable ingredients like peanut butter, yogurt or bone broth.

• Spread treats thinly on the Lickimat's surface using a spoon or spatula.

• Introduce the Lickimat to your dog, encouraging them to lick the treats off.

• Supervise your dog while they use the Lickimat to ensure safety.

• Start with short sessions and gradually increase time as your dog gets used to it.

• Wash the Lickimat after each use and store it in a cool, dry place.

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What is LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs, and how does it work?

LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs is a slow feeder mat crafted from non-toxic silicone, designed to tackle canine boredom and anxiety. It provides a soothing and enjoyable way for dogs to consume their food, treats, yogurt, or peanut butter.

With its specialized design, this mat encourages licking and exploration, offering a slow feeding experience that aids in better digestion and reduces rapid eating.

How does LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs help alleviate canine boredom and anxiety?

LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs offers a calming and engaging feeding experience that effectively reduces canine boredom and anxiety.

The slow feeding process encourages mental stimulation and relaxation, providing a positive outlet for pent-up energy.

As dogs lick and explore the textured surface, they experience a sense of satisfaction and contentment, promoting overall well-being.

What sets LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs apart in terms of durability and chew resistance?

LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs is meticulously engineered for durability and resilience. Constructed from non-toxic silicone, it withstands chewing and rough play, making it ideal for enthusiastic pups.

Additionally, the mat features reinforced edges and a robust build, ensuring long-lasting performance even under intense use.

Does LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs stay securely in place during use?

Yes, absolutely! LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs comes equipped with non-slip rubber feet, guaranteeing stability on various surfaces.

Whether placed on hardwood floors, tiles, or carpets, the mat remains firmly anchored, providing a secure and hassle-free feeding experience for your dog.

How should I clean LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs?

Cleaning LickiMat Pro Soother for Dogs is a breeze. Simply hand wash it with warm, soapy water, or for added convenience, toss it in the dishwasher.

Its non-toxic silicone material ensures safety during cleaning, allowing you to maintain a hygienic feeding environment for your cherished canine companion.

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