LickiMat Mini Soother for Cat

LickiMat Mini Soother for Cat

Slower and healthier feeding
Reduces anxiety
Healthier teeth and palate
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LickiMat Mini Soother for Cat

LickiMat Mini Soother for Cat

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Slower and healthier feeding
Reduces anxiety
Healthier teeth and palate

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The LickiMat® Mini Soother Slow Feeder for Cats is a versatile feeding mat designed for wet, dry, raw, and liquid cat food.

This extra-small version, measuring 15 x 15 cm is suitable for all cats. Always supervise your pet during the first few uses to ensure they adapt properly.

This anxiety-relieving feeding mat serves as a modern alternative to traditional cat bowls, promoting slower and healthier eating habits.

Using the LickiMat® Mini Soother encourages slower eating, which helps reduce bloating and improves digestion. It is an excellent alternative to slow-feeding cat bowls, suitable for all types of cat food, including dry, wet, raw, freeze-dried, and liquid cat food.

The different surface textures of the LickiMat® are designed to work with various food types, making mealtime more engaging for your cat.

LickiMat® helps calm your cat by encouraging licking, which supports the release of endorphins. This process reduces anxiety while your cat enjoys their favorite food or treat.

The mat's unique surface structures are designed to prolong the eating experience, promoting healthier eating habits and providing mental stimulation.

With the LickiMat®, you can serve a variety of treats, such as gels, sardines, yogurts, purees, spreads, and other organic and healthy pet treats.

The patterned surface encourages your pet to lick the treat or food, rewarding them with a longer-lasting dining experience. This results in fewer calories consumed and healthier treats for your cat.

The LickiMat® is a perfect replacement for all cat bowls, allowing you to serve raw, wet, dry, freeze-dried, and liquid food without making a mess. It is also ideal for adding nutritional supplements and medication to treats.

The LickiMat® promotes healthier teeth and gums by stimulating saliva production, which contains enzymes like amylase that aid digestion and protect your pet's oral health.

The LickiMat® Soother is dishwasher safe, hand washable, freezer-safe, and microwave safe, made from non-toxic, food-safe TPR, ensuring safety and convenience for you and your cat.


• Made from non-toxic food grade TPR

How to Use

• Clean the Lickimat before and after each use with warm, soapy water. Let it dry completely.

• Choose your cat's favorite soft treats or spreadable ingredients like peanut butter, yogurt or bone broth.

• Spread treats thinly on the Lickimat's surface using a spoon or spatula.

• Introduce the Lickimat to your cat, encouraging them to lick the treats off.

• Supervise your cat while they use the Lickimat to ensure safety.

• Start with short sessions and gradually increase time as your cat gets used to it.

• Wash the Lickimat after each use and store it in a cool, dry place.

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What types of cat food can I use with the LickiMat® Mini Soother?

The LickiMat® Mini Soother is suitable for all types of cat food, including dry food, wet food, raw food, freeze-dried, and liquid cat food.

How does this product helps reduce my cat's anxiety?

Licking the LickiMat® releases endorphins, which help calm and soothe your cat, making it ideal for stressful situations like vet visits, bath time, or thunderstorms.

Is this safe for my cat to use?

Yes, the LickiMat® is made from non-toxic, food-grade TPR and is safe for your cat. However, always supervise your cat during the first few uses.

How do I clean the LickiMat® Mini Soother?

The LickiMat® Mini Soother is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. You can also hand wash it with warm soapy water.

Can the LickiMat® be used to administer supplements or medication?

Yes, the LickiMat® is perfect for adding nutritional supplements or medications to your cat’s treats, making it easier to ensure they get their necessary nutrients.

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