Itch Relief Dog Chews

Itch Relief Dog Chews

Relieve Itching
Heal Damaged Skin
Organic & Natural Ingredients Only
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Itch Relief Dog Chews

Itch Relief Dog Chews

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Relieve Itching
Heal Damaged Skin
Organic & Natural Ingredients Only

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Wag farewell to the scratch with our itch relief dog chews. Perfect for dogs with sensitive skin or as allergy relief dog chews, our anti itch treats are packed with natural ingredients and soothe your pup’s skin from the itch!


Our itch relief chews are peanut butter flavour meaning, they’re not a tasty treat for your pup, but they have major benefits too:

• 140 Chews, lasting you at least a month depending on the size of your pooch
• All-Natural Organic Ridge Shape
• Promotes healthy skin & coat, whilst helping ease itchy prone skin
• Veterinarian-Formulated, approved and recommended by vets
• Contains Omega 3,6 & 9 which helps provide more energy, reduce inflammation and promotes a healthy immune system
• Non-GMO, No Fillers & Gluten Free
• Flip Top Lid for easy use


These chews are formulated specifically to target itchy skin. We have worked tirelessly to design this product, that’s why it includes 18 Probiotic Strains. Some of which are:

•Licorice Root is a great anti-inflammatory for dogs when used orally
• Coconut Oil has many benefits for dogs, including promoting a shiny coat whilst helping relieve allergies and itchy skin
• Flaxseed Meal has a high fibre content, meaning it can help ease digestion
•Valerian Root has calming effects for anxiety, which could be causing your dogs itching
•Our Vegetable Blend is packed with nutrients to help the overall health and wellbeing of your dog

How to Use

These itch relief chews can be used as part of your dog's main meal or as a treat. Below provides you with a daily feeding guideline based on your dogs weight:

Dogs weighing <13kg 1 Treat per day
Dogs for 14kg-27kg Treats per day
Dogs for 28kg-40kg 3 Treats per day
Dogs for over 40kg+ 4 Treats per day

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What is the best supplement for dogs with itchy skin?

It is thought that Omega-3 is one of the best supplements to help reduce your dog's itch. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that dogs cannot not produce themselves so they need it within their food. This is included in our itch relief chews, paired with other powerful natural ingredients to scratch that itch!

What can I put in my dogs food to stop itching?

There are many different formulations and ingredients that can help stop your dogs itch in the form of oils and powders. This can tarnish the taste of your dog's food and really put them off their dinner. That’s why we have formulated a chewy treat combined with tasty but effective ingredients to reduce your dog's itch and help their skin and coat thrive.

Do allergy chews for dogs really work?

It is important to understand every dog is different and you should always get to the root cause of the itch before treating it. If you have determined it’s itchy or irritated skin, or even caused by allergies, allergy chews can be really effective.

How many Itch Relief Chews are there per Tub?

140 Soft Chews Per Tub

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