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Itch Relief Balm for Dogs

Itch Relief Balm for Dogs

Relieve Itchy Skin
Combat Allergy Symptoms
Natural Organic Ingredients
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97 total reviews


Itch Relief Balm for Dogs

Itch Relief Balm for Dogs

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Relieve Itchy Skin
Combat Allergy Symptoms
Natural Organic Ingredients

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Introducing our Itch Relief Balm for Dogs - a soothing solution for your furry friend's discomfort. Crafted with care, this balm provides fast relief from itching and irritation. The natural ingredients work together to calm irritated skin, leaving your dog feeling comfortable and content. Say goodbye to pesky itching and hello to a happy, scratch-free pup!


Our 100% natural and organic balm provides many benefits for you and your dog.

With ingredients like Chamomile Flower Oil, it has effective anti-inflammatory properties, helping calm the skin and reduce redness.

As well as reducing inflammation, our balm helps hydrate and soothe sore skin thanks to ingredients like beeswax and juniper fruit oil.

• Relieve Itch Skin
• Combat Allergy Symptoms
• Heal & Protect Damaged Skin
• Organic & Natural Balm
• Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Inflammatory
• Safe to Ingest


Includes 1 x 60ml pot of itch relief skin balm.

Our very popular itch relief balm is derived from an abundance of natural ingredients that reduce inflammation and soothes skin. These include:

• Beeswax
• Lavender Oil
• Mineral Oil
• Chamomile Flower Oil
• Capric Triglyceride
• Camellia Japonica Seed Oil
• Bisabolol
• Juniper Fruit Oil

How to Use

Apply daily to affected areas with your hand or tissue, applying a thin layer. Repeat daily for the best results.

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What cream can I put on my dog's itchy skin?

Antibacterial creams could help your dogs itch, but we believe that balms are better! This is because they’re more resilient to keep up with a dog's lifestyle and target the itch right from the source.

How do you relieve dogs' itchy skin?

Chamomile is thought to be one of the leading remedies to treat your dog's itch from home. That’s why our balm for itchy dogs includes Chamomile Flower Oil along with other natural ingredients known to soothe dogs skin.

What balm is good for dog skin irritation?

When buying an itch relief balm, look for these things:

Natural ingredients, safe for ingestion
Specially formulated to help target itchy skin

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