Dog Rocks 600g Pack

Dog Rocks 600g Pack

Safe, Non Toxic and Chemical Free
No Impurities
No More Burnt Patches
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Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks 600g Pack

Dog Rocks 600g Pack

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Safe, Non Toxic and Chemical Free
No Impurities
No More Burnt Patches

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Dog Rocks stand out as the most economical, authentic, natural, and original solution available. Beware of imitations! Discovered in Australia in the late '90s, Dog Rocks underwent thorough testing before being successfully introduced to the Australian pet, veterinary, and gardening markets. With widespread availability, Dog Rocks boast a global community of over a million delighted dogs and owners.

This product is 100% natural! Sourced directly from the earth, Dog Rocks undergo sizing through a grader to prevent choking hazards. Packaged in eco-friendly boxes, Dog Rocks are committed to sustainability.

Dog Rocks® maintain a stable framework without releasing significant mineral particles into your pet's water.

In essence, Dog Rocks® do not disintegrate or leach any substances into the water. Instead, they provide a steadfast matrix and micro-porous medium, allowing active components to purify water through ion exchange.

When submerged in water, Dog Rocks® assist in purifying it by eliminating certain nitrates, ammonia, and harmful trace elements. This results in a cleaner water source for your dog and reduces the nitrates in their diet. Consequently, this lowers the amount expelled in their urine, preventing lawn burn caused by an excess of nitrates.

While dogs naturally produce nitrates from dietary protein, Dog Rocks® help maintain an optimal balance, crucial for preserving your lawn's health.

How to Use

1 x bulk pack of Dog Rocks = 6 month’s supply. NB – You need 200g (0.44lb) Dog Rocks in each water bowl.

They will last for 2 months and must be changed after 2 months. If you reduce the dosage by putting in a smaller amount, you will reduce the effectiveness of the product.

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How many packs of Dog Rocks® do I need for my dog's water bowl, and how long do they last?

You will need 200g of Dog Rocks® in each water bowl, and they will last for 2 months. It's important to change the rocks after 2 months for optimal effectiveness. Please do not split the pack, as reducing the dosage by splitting the pack will decrease the product's effectiveness.

What makes this product stand out from other products on the market?

Dog Rocks® are the most cost-effective, genuine, natural, and original product available. Beware of fakes! First discovered in Australia in the late '90s, Dog Rocks® have been tried, tested, and successfully launched into the Australian pet, vet, and gardening markets. With over a million happy dogs and owners worldwide, Dog Rocks® is a trusted choice for maintaining your pet's well-being.

How natural are Dog Rocks®?

When we say our product is 100% natural, we really mean it! Dog Rocks® come straight from the ground and are run through a grader to size the rocks and prevent choking hazards. Packaged in all-natural, eco-friendly boxes, Dog Rocks® are a safe and environmentally conscious choice for your pet.

How do Dog Rocks® work to purify water and benefit my dog's health?

Dog Rocks® are a coherent Rock with a mechanically stable framework, meaning they do not break down or release significant mineral particles into your pet's drinking water. They provide a stable matrix and a micro-porous medium in which active components act as a water purifying agent through ion exchange. When placed in water, Dog Rocks® remove some nitrates, ammonia, and harmful trace elements, providing your dog with a cleaner source of water and reducing the number of nitrates in their diet.

Why is reducing nitrates in my dog's urine important for my lawn's health?

An overload of nitrates in your dog's urine can cause lawns to burn. While dogs naturally produce nitrates as a by-product of the protein in their diet, Dog Rocks® help maintain a balance by lowering the amount of nitrates expelled in their urine. This small adjustment can make a big difference in preserving your lawn's health.

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