Bone Broth For Pets

Bone Broth For Pets

Promote Gut Health
Supports Joint Health
Grass-fed powdered Broth
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Bone Broth For Pets

Bone Broth For Pets

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Promote Gut Health
Supports Joint Health
Grass-fed powdered Broth

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Introducing our pet bone broth powder, the ultimate solution for pet parents of picky eaters!

Made from premium grass-fed beef bone broth, this high-protein powdered is specifically crafted to provide essential nutrition for your pets coat, and supple joints. It naturally relieves digestion issues, reduces gut inflammation, supports joints, whilst nourishing the skin and coat.

With 95% crude protein, it covers nutritional imbalances, ensuring your pet thrives at any life stage.


• Supple Joints & Coat Nourishment: Enriched with organic grass-fed beef bone broth, our pet bone broth supports supple joints and nourishes the skin and coat, promoting a healthier, shinier appearance.

• Digestive Wellness: Our bone broth naturally relieves digestion issues and reduces gut inflammation, fostering a healthy digestive system for your pet.

• Comprehensive Support: With a high-protein content of 95% crude protein, our bone broth covers nutritional imbalances, ensuring your pet thrives at any life stage.

• Non-GMO Formula: Crafted with care and expertise, our bone broth is free from genetically modified organisms, offering a pure and high-quality supplement for your pet's well-being.

• Easy to Incorporate: Irresistibly tasty, our bone broth is easy to incorporate into your pet's daily routine, encouraging regular consumption for enhanced health benefits.

• Organically Certified.
• Non GMO (EC) No. 1829/2003 certified. .
• LIAF Grass Fed Soil Association.
• No fillers.


Organically Certified & Grass-Fed Bovine Bone Broth Powder: This high-quality ingredient serves as the foundation of the bone broth. Bovine bone broth is rich in collagen, gelatin, amino acids, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. These nutrients provide several benefits:

Promoting Gut Health: The gelatin and collagen in bone broth help to strengthen the intestinal lining, support digestive health, and alleviate gastrointestinal issues such as leaky gut syndrome.

Supporting Joint Function: Collagen and gelatin are essential components of cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. Consuming bone broth can aid in maintaining joint health, reducing inflammation, and supporting mobility, making it beneficial for pets with arthritis or joint problems.

Nourishing Skin & Coat: Collagen is a key building block of skin, hair, and nails. Regular consumption of bone broth can enhance the health and appearance of your pet's skin and coat, resulting in a shinier coat and improved skin condition.

No Fillers: The absence of fillers ensures that the bone broth is free from unnecessary additives or artificial ingredients. This maintains the purity and quality of the product, allowing pets to receive the full benefits of the organic and grass-fed bone broth without any unwanted substances.

In summary, the organic and grass-fed bovine bone broth powder, free from fillers, provides essential nutrients that promote gut health, support joint function, and nourish the skin and coat of your pet, contributing to their overall well-being and vitality.

Organically Certified & Grass Fed Bovine Bone Broth Powder. No fillers.

How to Use

• 1) Start with 1/4 tbsp a day and gradually increase to the required dose suggested below.

• 2) Add the required amount with 1 cup of boiling water and stir until absorbed. This product does not contain anti-caking agents, stir well to avoid clumping. Let it cool before serving.

• 3) Alternatively, add powder to wet or dry dog food with a splash of water for a delicious gravy-like flavour.

• Feeding Guide:
Weight: 1-10kg Dose: 1/2 Tbsp per day.
Weight: 11-23kg Dose: 1Tbsp per day.
Weight: 23-34kg Dose: 1 & 1/2 Tbsp per day.
Weight: 35kg+ Dose: 2Tbsp per day.

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What are the benefits of bone broth for pets?

Bone broth offers numerous benefits for pets, including:

Promoting gut health and aiding digestion due to its high collagen content.

Supporting joint function and reducing inflammation, which is beneficial for pets with arthritis or joint issues.

Nourishing the skin and coat, leading to a healthier and shinier appearance.

Providing essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals necessary for overall well-being.

What is in bone marrow that makes it healthy for dogs?

Bone marrow is rich in nutrients such as vitamins (A, E, and K), minerals (calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium), healthy fats, and collagen.

These components support your dog's overall health by promoting joint health, boosting the immune system, and nourishing the skin and coat.

How do I feed this bone broth to my pet?

You can feed bone broth to your pet in various ways:

Serve it as a standalone liquid in their bowl.

Mix it with their regular food to enhance its flavor and nutritional value.

Freeze it in ice cube trays for convenient portioning and as a refreshing treat during hot weather.

Is feeding bone broth to pets becoming more popular?

How to make bone broth for dogs?

Making bone broth for your dog is simple. Start by simmering beef bones (ideally organic and grass-fed) in water for several hours or even days. You can also add vegetables like carrots and celery for added flavor and nutrients. Once cooked, strain the broth to remove any bones and vegetable scraps, and let it cool before serving it to your pet.

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