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Scented Dog Wipes

Scented Dog Wipes

Baby Powder Scented Wipes
Nourish Your Dogs Skin & Coat
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173 total reviews


Scented Dog Wipes

Scented Dog Wipes

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Baby Powder Scented Wipes
Nourish Your Dogs Skin & Coat

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Keep your pup fresh and clean with our antibacterial dog wipes. Infused with gentle and effective antibacterial ingredients, our dog wipes are perfect for quick clean-ups or as part of their hygiene routine - leaving your dog’s face, paws and coat smelling fresh and free from germs. 


A quick and easy way to freshen your dog up after being in the muddy garden or even a long walk. These multi use scented dog wipes:

• Effectively remove odour & dirt from their coat
• Have a pleasant and long lasting baby powder scented wipes
• Are good for the environment as they’re fully biodegradable
• Come in a pack of 100, you won’t run out anytime soon
• Can be used anywhere on the body, face, paws & bums
• No bath needed!
• Perfect for on-the-go cleaning like travelling or whilst away for the weekend
• Suitable for all Dog Breeds, no matter the size


The pack comes with 100 dog wipes. Using research backed ingredients to nourish your Dogs Skin & Coat like:

Polysorbate 80
Citric Acid
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder
Tocopheryl acetate
Polysorbate 20
Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate

How to Use

Follow these easy steps to ensure a pleasant grooming experience.

Before You Begin:
Ensure your dog is calm and comfortable.
Have grooming wipes, and treats within reach.


Open & Pull:
Tear open the packaging and pull out a grooming wipe.

First Impressions:
Allow your dog to sniff the wipe for familiarity.

Gentle Cleaning:
Wipe paws, legs, tail, face, ears, and genital areas gently.

Long-Haired Breeds:
For longer fur, lift and wipe in the direction of hair growth.

Positive Reinforcement:
Reward your dog with treats and praise during grooming.

Dispose & Inspect:
Dispose of used wipes in a bag or can be buried in your garden as these wipes are Biodegradable.

Seal and Store:
Reseal the package securely. Store in a cool, dry place.

External use only.
Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse with water if contact occurs.

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Can I use scented wipes on my dog?

It is important that you use specially formulated wipes for your dog and do not use ones designed for humans. Not only are these not as effective at moving doggy dirt, they can contain chemicals that may harm your dog.

What wipes can I use on my dog's bum?

Our baby powder scented dog wipes are suitable for the face, paws and even your dog's bum.

How do these scented dog wipes improve Dogs skin & coat?

Each wipe contains D-Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), known as a moisturiser that can improve the overall health of the dog's skin and coat.

Are these Dog Wipes Biodegradable?


How many dog wipes are there per pack?


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