Dog Dental Spray

Dog Dental Spray

Remove Plaque & Tartar
Deodorise Odours
Anti Bacterial & Anti Septic
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Dog Dental Spray

Dog Dental Spray

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Remove Plaque & Tartar
Deodorise Odours
Anti Bacterial & Anti Septic

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Introducing OurDogsLife Dog Dental Spray – your solution for maintaining optimal canine oral health. Our advanced formula, enriched with Hypochlorous, tackles plaque and tartar build-up while providing a breath-freshening solution.

Keep your furry friend's smile healthy and odor-free with this revolutionary dog teeth cleaning spray.


This advanced formula not only kills 99.99% of bacteria, serving as an Antiseptic and Antiviral agent, but also effectively removes plaque and tartar build up.

Explore the unique benefits of OurDogsLife teeth cleaning spray for Dogs:

• Hypochlorous Power: Our dental spray harnesses the natural cleaning power of Hypochlorous to effectively remove plaque and tartar, promoting overall dental health.

• Dog Breath Freshener: Say goodbye to bad breath! Our formula deodorizes and freshens your dog's breath, ensuring a more pleasant experience for both you and your canine companion.

• Gentle Teeth Cleaning: Specially crafted for gentle and effective teeth cleaning, OurDogsLife Dental Spray is suitable for puppies and adult dogs, supporting a lifetime of oral care.

• Pet Oral Care Solution: Beyond plaque removal, our dental spray contributes to comprehensive pet oral care, addressing various dental concerns for a healthier mouth.

• Versatile Use: Ideal for all breeds, our dental spray provides a convenient and versatile solution to maintain your dog's oral hygiene at home.

• Kills 99.99% Bacteria
• Removes Plaque & Tartar Build up
• Deodorises Odours
• Clinically Tested


Water, <5% Salt, <5% Hypochlorous

See below the benefits of Hypochlorous in OurDogsLife Dog Dental Spray:

•Plaque and Tartar Control:

• Biofilm Disruption: Antimicrobial Hypochlorous disrupts biofilm, preventing plaque formation.

• Bacterial Reduction: Acts against bacteria, preventing tartar build-up for healthier teeth.
Bad Breath Deodorization:

• Odor-Causing Compound Neutralization: Hypochlorous neutralizes compounds, addressing bad breath at its source.

• Microbial Balance: Maintains a balanced oral environment, controlling odor-producing bacteria.

Gentle Oral Care:

• Non-Irritating Formula: Gentle on oral tissues, ensuring effective cleaning without irritation.

Antimicrobial Action:

•Infection Prevention: Broad-spectrum antimicrobial action helps prevent oral infections, supporting overall oral health.

In summary, Hypochlorous in OurDogsLife Dog Dental Spray offers efficient plaque and tartar control, bad breath deodorization, and gentle oral care, promoting a fresh and healthy smile for your dog.

How to Use

This Dental Spray for dogs is incredibly versatile.

Simply spray directly into your dogs mouth, focusing on the gum line and teeth.

For best results, use daily, ideally before bedtime.

Additionally, the spray can be applied to your dog's dental toys, chews and even their water bowl to promote overall oral health.

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Do dental sprays for dogs really work?

This Dental Spray, enriched with Hypochlorous, is formulated to effectively remove plaque and tartar while deodorising bad breath in dogs.

This powerful combination ensures a comprehensive dental care solution, contributing to your dog's overall oral health

How does teeth cleaning spray for dogs remove plaque and tartar?

This dental formula utilises the antimicrobial properties of Hypochlorous to disrupt biofilm and reduce bacterial load, preventing the formation of plaque and tartar.

Regular use helps maintain cleaner and healthier teeth for your canine companion.

How often should I clean my dogs teeth?

For optimal results, we recommend using OurDogsLife Dental Teeth Spray daily as part of your dog's oral care routine. Consistent use ensures ongoing plaque and tartar control, promoting fresher breath and a healthier smile.

You can use this spray in combination with out dog toothpaste and dog toothbrushes.

Why does my dogs breath smell like Fish?

A fishy odour in your dog's breath can be attributed to various factors. Common causes include the presence of oral bacteria, dental issues, or even dietary factors. Poor oral hygiene may lead to the accumulation of bacteria, resulting in an unpleasant smell.

OurDogsLife Dental Spray, with its Hypochlorous-based formula, effectively tackles these issues by removing plaque, tartar, and neutralizing odour-causing compounds, leaving your dog's breath fresh and clean. Regular use of our dental spray can help address and prevent fishy breath, promoting optimal oral health for your canine companion.

How to get rid of bad dog breath?

The Hypochlorous in OurDogsLife Dental Spray neutralizes odor-causing compounds and helps maintain a balanced oral environment. This dual-action approach ensures effective deodorization, leaving your dog's breath fresh and pleasant.

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