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First Aid Kit for Dogs

First Aid Kit for Dogs

30+ Medical Grade Items Included
For All Types of Injuries
Travel Case
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54 total reviews


First Aid Kit for Dogs

First Aid Kit for Dogs

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30+ Medical Grade Items Included
For All Types of Injuries
Travel Case

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Be your dog's hero with our comprehensive First Aid Kit for Dogs! Packed with essential supplies and your best friend in mind, this kit is your go-to solution for addressing minor mishaps and clumsy tumbles. Be prepared for any adventure together with an emergency first aid kit for dogs at the ready. 


Coming as an affordable and packable kit. This comprehensive pet first aid kit is ideal for taking with you whenever you hit the road with your faithful companion.
With over 30 pieces of professionally tested dog first aid supplies included, you’re well set to take on anything from cuts and stings to shocks and choking.

• For Pre-Vet Assistance
• 30+ Medical Grade Items
• For Peace of Mind
• Keep Your Dog Safe
• Travel Case Included

How to Use

Each Medical Grade item includes its own easy to follow instructions within the kit

What's Included?

Our complete first aid kit for Dogs includes:

• 1 x Medium Dressing for protection on open wounds
• 1 x Conforming Bandage with the ability to stretch and easily keep dressings in place
• 1 x Microporous Tape to secure bandages in lace so that your pup can play as normal
• 2 x Emergency Waste Bag Microporous Tape to safely hold and dispose of waste
• 1 x Tough Cut Scissors to easily cut bandages, tape and more
• 1 x Small Twisting Tick Remover to fully remove a tick with ease
• 1 x Large Twisting Tick Remove for larger tick removal
• 1 x Carabiner to easily attach and hook
• 1 x Whistle to draw attention to you for help in the case of an emergency or to help call your dog back
• 1 x CPR Mask formulated to fit round a muzzle and provide oxygen to your dog in an emergency
• 1 x Syringe to help administer liquid medication
• 2 x Eye Wash in case something enters your dogs eye and it needs flushing
• 1 x Emergency Blanket to keep your dog warm whilst you wait for help
• 4 x Gloves (2 Pairs) to protect yourself and keep the area sterile whilst treating your dog
• 1 x Large Dressing to protect bigger wounds effectively
• 1 x Abdominal Pad for large wounds requiring high absorbency on the abdomen
• 2 x Lancets to test glucose levels in pets with diabetes
• 4 x Cotton Tipped Applicators to carefully apply creams or ointments
• 4 x Safety Pins to pin bandages and general use
• 4 x Iodine Prep Pad to fully prep areas of skin if required
• 1 x Pill Box to keep medication safe whilst travelling
• 2 x Wood Tongue Compress to assist when doing any necessary oral examinations
• 1 x Rubber Tourniquet to help control excessive bleeding
• 2 x Alcohol Prep Pads to sterilise an area, particularly for cleaning wounds before bandaging
• 1 x Styptic Stick that helps stop minor nail and skin bleeds

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What first aid should a dog be given?

First aid kits for dogs are designed to help you keep your dog safe in emergency situations whilst you wait for a professional vet. When in an emergency, it is important to ensure your dog stays warm (unless experiencing heat stroke), maintain a quiet environment, and minimise movement, particularly in the presence of potential trauma, broken limbs, or neurological symptoms. Reach out to your veterinary hospital, communicate the situation, and obtain specific first aid guidance.

Can dogs use human first aid kits?

Some products in a human first aid kit are suitable for dogs, however, having a first aid kit specially designed for dogs means you will have everything you need in the case of an emergency.

How many items are included in the first aid kit for Pets?

This first fid kit for Dogs includes over 30+ medical grade items for pre-vet assistance.

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