Bugalugs Artificial Grass Cleaner (Cut Grass)

Bugalugs Artificial Grass Cleaner (Cut Grass)

Super Concentrated
Safe and Effective
Fresh Cut Grass Fragrance
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Bugalugs Artificial Grass Cleaner (Cut Grass)

Bugalugs Artificial Grass Cleaner (Cut Grass)

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Super Concentrated
Safe and Effective
Fresh Cut Grass Fragrance

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Maintaining a clean and fresh outdoor environment is easy with Bugalugs Artificial Grass Cleaner. This powerful 3-in-1 formula acts as a disinfectant, deodoriser, and cleaner, specifically designed to tackle the challenges posed by pet messes.

It effectively removes harmful bacteria and deep stains while neutralising odours, ensuring your outdoor areas are always inviting. The pet-friendly solution guarantees instant results, making it a must-have for pet owners who value cleanliness and hygiene.

Infused with a fresh cut grass fragrance, this Artificial Grass Cleaner not only cleans but also leaves a delightful scent that enhances your outdoor space. The disinfecting qualities of this cleaner go beyond surface cleaning, penetrating deeply to eradicate harmful bacteria and lingering pet odours.

Your patio, artificial grass, and other outdoor surfaces will smell as good as they look, providing a pleasant environment for both you and your pets.

This Artificial Grass Cleaner is not limited to just artificial grass; it is also highly effective on a variety of surfaces such as patios, kennels, astroturf, and tennis courts. This versatility means you don't need to purchase multiple cleaning products for different areas.

The cleaner acts as a comprehensive solution, ensuring all your outdoor spaces remain clean, hygienic, and odour-free, making it an excellent choice for any pet owner.

Safety is a top priority with this cleaner. The quick-drying formula ensures that your pets and children can return to play in the garden shortly after application.

Unlike other products that take weeks to work, Bugalugs provides immediate results without compromising safety. Trust in Bugalugs' commitment to creating superior, natural cleaning solutions that cater to your pet's needs while keeping your family safe and your outdoor spaces immaculate.


< 5% cationic surfactants, < 5% non-ionic surfactants,< 5% perfumes.

How to Use

How to use:
Dilute the Artificial Grass Cleaner - 10 parts water to 1 part concentrate. Apply through a watering can or manual pump spray. Work solution in using hard brush and leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse away with water.

1L of concentrate is suitable for covering up to 100m2. Ensure garden watering can is thoroughly cleaned after application to avoid traces of the product being left in the container.

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat. Do not allow to freeze.

Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye damage. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Wash thoroughly after handling with plenty of water. Avoid release to the environment. Wear protective gloves / protective clothing / eye protection / face protection.
IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of water.
IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth DO NOT induce vomiting.
If skin irritation occurs: Get medical advice/attention.
If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/attention. Take off contaminated clothing and wash it before reuse.

Keep away from children and pets. Always read the label and product information before use

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How often should I use Bugalugs Artificial Grass Cleaner?

For best results, use Bugalugs Artificial Grass Cleaner weekly or as needed, depending on the level of soiling and pet activity. Regular use ensures your outdoor spaces remain clean, hygienic, and free from harmful bacteria and odours.

Is this product safe for pets and children?

Yes, Bugalugs Artificial Grass Cleaner is pet-friendly and safe for children. The quick-drying formula allows pets and kids to return to play in the garden shortly after application, ensuring their safety while maintaining a clean environment.

Can this cleaner be used on surfaces other than artificial grass?

Absolutely! It is versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces including patios, kennels, astroturf, and tennis courts. It acts as a disinfectant, deodoriser, and cleaner, making it a comprehensive solution for multiple outdoor areas.

How do I apply the artificial grass cleaner?

Simply mix the concentrated cleaner with water according to the instructions, apply it evenly using a watering can, and work it into the surface with a stiff brush. After scrubbing, rinse away the solution with cold water. The fast-acting formula dries in just 15 minutes, making the process quick and easy.

What makes Bugalugs Artificial Grass Cleaner different from other cleaning products?

Bugalugs Artificial Grass Cleaner stands out due to its powerful 3-in-1 formula that disinfects, deodorises, and cleans, specifically targeting pet-related messes. The fresh cut grass fragrance leaves your outdoor spaces smelling pleasant, and the quick-drying, pet-friendly solution ensures safety and convenience. Additionally, each 1L bottle can be diluted to make up to 10L of cleaning solution, offering great value for money.

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