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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Slow Down Feeding Time
Stimulating Meal Time
Anti Slip & Dishwasher Safe
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50 total reviews


Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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Slow Down Feeding Time
Stimulating Meal Time
Anti Slip & Dishwasher Safe

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Perfect mealtime with our Slow Feeder Dog Bowl – the perfect tool for promoting healthier eating habits for your pup! Sustainably crafted out of bamboo and designed for both fun and function, this bowl helps prevent gulping and speed eating to reduce the risk of bloating, gas and belly aches.


Eco-Friendly Bamboo Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, the ideal solution to address health concerns associated with rapid eating in dogs, such as weight gain, vomiting, bloating, abdominal pain, and gastric discomfort.

Key Features:

• Promotes Slow Feeding
• Enhances Mealtime Stimulation
• Anti-Slip Design and Dishwasher Safe
• Crafted from Bamboo Fibre for an environmentally friendly solution

Upgrade your dog's feeding experience with our Bamboo Slow Feeder Dog Bowl all whilst being kind to the planet.


Made from 100% bamboo fibre

How to Use

Place down the anti slip bamboo dog bowl, add your dog's food & allow the stimulating bowl maze design to increase the time it takes for your dog to enjoy their food.

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Are slow feeding bowls good for dogs?

Yes, slow feeding bowls are beneficial for dogs as they promote healthier eating habits, preventing issues like overeating, vomiting, and bloating, while also providing mental stimulation during mealtime. They can be particularly useful for dogs prone to fast eating.

Is there a dog bowl that stops dogs from eating too fast?

Yes, there are specialised slow feeding dog bowls designed to prevent dogs from eating too fast by incorporating features like maze designs or obstacles, promoting slower and more controlled eating habits. These bowls help reduce the risk of digestive issues and encourage a healthier eating pace for dogs.

How do I choose a slow feeder bowl for my dog?

When choosing a slow feeder bowl for your dog, consider your dog's size, breed, and eating habits, opting for a design that provides an appropriate level of challenge without causing frustration. Look for durable, non-slip options that are easy to clean and safe for your dog to use during mealtime.

Do slow feeders tire dogs out?

Slow feeders can contribute to mental stimulation during mealtime, providing a mild cognitive challenge that may engage and entertain dogs. While not a substitute for physical exercise, the mental engagement from using a slow feeder may contribute to a sense of satisfaction and could help curb restlessness in some dogs.

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