Our Top 5 Christmas Gift Picks For Your Pampered Pooch

Our Top 5 Christmas Gift Picks For Your Pampered Pooch

This time of year is about over-indulging and treating each other, and that goes for your furry friend too. But picking the perfect Christmas gift for your dog isn’t always easy.


We all love giving and receiving presents, but what do you get the best friend who has it all? 


In this blog, we’ll give you 5 of our top picks for keeping your pup happy this festive season. From bedding to walkies we’ve got you covered from ears to tail. 


5 Top Dog Christmas Gift Picks 

1. Treat them to a spa day

One thing we could all do with around Christmas is a good de-stress. The same goes for your dog. But with our range of grooming products, it’s easy to turn that festive bath into something altogether more soothing for you and them. 

Treat your best friend to an at-home doggie spa day. Giving them a good pamper is perfect for reducing their anxiety at a time when there may be more visitors calling or the dreaded fireworks lighting up the night. 

2. The gift of a good night’s sleep 

Sleep is extremely important for ensuring your dog is happy and healthy no matter the time of year. 

Just like us, if dogs don't get enough sleep it can cause them to feel stressed, as well as welcoming a number of health issues ranging from general ill health to obesity and more. 

You can help that by ensuring they’re bedding down in a blissful space every night. Crate training your dog is ideal for allowing them to feel as though they have their own private space. 

But whether you’ve crated them or not, it’s important to ensure they’re sleeping on one of the best dogs beds available. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to upgrade their sleeping arrangements. 

3. A new scent for Christmas 

We all love bagging the latest scent for Christmas, so don’t let your pooch miss out. Our baby powder scented dog cologne is ideal for leaving them feeling their best. 

Perfect for putting the finishing touches on a pamper day or just giving your stinky pup a top up before the family arrive. 

The alcohol-free cologne comes packed with natural ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5. Plus, the long-lasting formulation will have them dazzling the fam for hours. 

4. Stylish new bowls

If your pups are anything like ours then we bet dinnertime can resemble feeding time at the zoo. You’re probably all over the cleaning up, but that chomping can end up leaving their bowls in a sorry state no matter how much you scrub. 

So, why not upgrade their receptacles this Christmas? If you have a particularly greedy pooch, think about upgrading to a slow-feeder bowl to help their overall gut health.

5. Help with the Christmas walkies 

One thing we all love about Christmas - apart from the presents and food, of course, is a good family walk. 

This is probably your dog’s favourite part of the holiday too. But, even with all the twinkling Chritsmas lights, it can get pretty gloomy out there at this time of year.

Upgrade your walk safety with a glow in the dark dog collar. These luminescent products won’t affect your dog’s enjoyment, but they will help keep you super visible during the darker evenings. 

 Dog Visibility Harness


Christmas is an incredibly fun season for you and your furry friend. And, sure, the feeling of getting a nice pressie is great. But does anything really beat making your pup happy? We don’t think so. 

So make sure you ace your dog’s Christmas gift this year with our list of fun, practical and health conscious treats. 

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