How Can You Tell If Your Dog Loves You?

How Can You Tell If Your Dog Loves You?

We dote on our pooches and nothing is going to stop that, right? But how do you know if that love is requited?

Now is not the time for a crisis of confidence around your pup. But it would be nice to know if they feel safe and happy around you. 

Plus, you also want to know that all those cuddles, snuggles, treats, and walkies haven't been in vain. 

Well, puzzle no more, as we’ve outlined some surefire signs that your pooch is as nuts about you as you are about them. 

6 Signs That Your Dog Loves You

These 6 behaviours are markers that your puppy is head over heels about. Or, at the very least, they tolerate your company. It's not just about the food bowl. 

  1. Licking 
  2. Toy sharing 
  3. Staring 
  4. Sleeping 
  5. Contact 
  6. Checking 

1. Licking 

Licking is the number 1 sign of doggy affection. Generally, dogs will lick their owners as a sign of affection. 

It may be because they remember you made them that special dog-friendly Christmas dinner. Or could just be that they’re coming in for another round of snuggles. 

Either way, take it as a win because it’s a sign that they care. 

2. Sharing Their Toys 

There are a number of reasons why your dog brings you their toy. They could be trying to play or they may have been missing you while you went out.

But the main reason they present you with their toy is that they want you to have their most prized possession. It's a huge signal that they love you. 

So, next time you get given that tatty old teddy, make sure you give them a big cuddle. 

3. Keeping Eye-Contact 

Although in the wild this may be construed as aggressive behaviour. If your pup stares at you, and keeps eye contact, without their pupils dilating you can treat this as them staring longingly into your baby blues. 

Incidentally, though, it does pay to make yourself aware of the flipside of dog behaviours. There are some red flag traits to watch out for. 

4. Sleeping Near To You

This goes back to a pack mentality. In the wild dogs would sleep in a pack for safety. 

So when they snuggle up next to you and snore so loud that you have to put the subtitles on, it’s actually a sign that they trust and feel safe with you. You’re part of their pack!

5. They Want Physical Interaction 

Leaning in and engaging physical contact is a huge signal of doggy affection. 

When they come in close for snuggles or need to have some part of their anatomy touching you, they want to be close to you. 

However, it’s worth mentioning, if you have a new dog don’t force these physical moments. Let them do it in their own time. 

6. Checking In On You

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? 

When your pup pokes its head around the door while you’re cooking or doing your business, this is its way of checking in on you. 

There’s no amateur psychology necessary here. Your pup following you around like a shadow is exactly as it sounds. They’re just making sure you’re okay. 

Getting That Bond

This affectionate bond is not created overnight. If you have a new dog it takes time to create that special relationship - and a bit of training. 

With that in mind, why don’t we tell you how to get started with positive behaviour training to get your relationship off to the right start? 

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Why do my darling little dogs follow me everywhere I go in the house, they can be in a deep sleep, but if I get up to go somewhere they’re there with me. They are confident and extremely happy little sweethearts, they don’t follow anyone else just me. Why do they do it ?

Michelle Pickles

My pooch Harley is a rescue dog where he was ill treated to the point where he had dental treatment before I could adopt him. I love him to death and I know he loves me. When we go to sleep he has to be touching me and I love it xxxxxxxxxx


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