Everything You Need For Your New Puppy: The Stress-Free Checklist

Everything You Need For Your New Puppy: The Stress-Free Checklist

So you’re getting a new puppy, exciting times!

But in the build up to this decision you’ve probably had a million people telling you how much of responsibility having a puppy is too, right? 

While those people are correct, getting your puppy is also one of the best days ever and we’re not here to rain on your parade. Instead we’re going to give you an idiot-proof list of things to do and have to ensure your pup prep is top tier. 

Things to have before you bring your new puppy home

Before you even think about bringing that little bundle of joy home, you need this list of doggy must-haves: 

First 48 hours with a new puppy 

Bringing your new pupper back to the homestead can conjure up a laundry list of feelings and emotions in you and your new companion. 

But there’s no need to overcomplicate things, help settle those nerves with our list of 4 activities and rules to help smooth that initial bonding phase. 

  1. Be patient 
  2. Create a routine 
  3. Set boundaries and be consistent
  4. Calming products

Patience is a virtue  

It may seem strange to start talking about having patience when looking at a 48-hour period. But new places, sights, and smells can be overwhelming for puppies. 

With that in mind it’s probably best to introduce them to a room at a time. So they can get used to the smells in one before moving on to another area of their new home. 

Routine is the dream

It’s important to start trying to settle your new pup into a routine as quickly as possible. Think about keeping events like mealtimes, walkies and bed time consistent until they get more used to life in your home. Although the walkies may have to wait until after 48 hours of ownership - depending on how old and vaccinated they are when you get them.

Rule makers are best

It’s never too soon to start introducing some discipline into your relationship. At the moment you might never want to stop squidging your new addition. However, they are going to need boundaries and consistency is the key for making them stick. 

For example, if you don’t want your dog going upstairs, then it’s important that the whole family’s message to your pup is consistent from the start and throughout their training. 

Keep calm and carry on owning it

One thing we all know about pups is that they can be boisterous. Think about getting a soothing plug-in diffuser to help with those first few challenging nights. On the other hand, a calming spray will also possess soothing pheromones that can help chill your pup out.

Top tip for first nights

If you’re struggling to settle your pup off in those first few nights, think about adding a warm water bottle under their bed with an analog clock and something that smells of you. These items will remind them of being with their mother and help reinforce positive links to you and your scent. 

Enjoy it! 

All that being said, this is a magical time that you’ll never get back, so take the rough with the smooth and enjoy your first few weeks together. 

But, remember, you’re not alone. DogsLife have a host of products available to help smooth the path of pooch ownership from pups to top dogs. 

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