Bones vs Dental Kits: Which is Better For Your Dog and Why?

Bones vs Dental Kits: Which is Better For Your Dog and Why?

It’s no secret that dogs love bones. From grinning pups with giant bones in cartoons we’ve grown up with images of happy pooches gnarling their favourite treat.

But, comedy value aside, are bones really the best thing for your dog’s teeth?

There are a number of products on the market that claim to be good for your best friend’s gnashers. But is that the whole story? And are what, if any, are the alternatives?

In this article, we will pit bones against dental products and measure the benefits of each to see which is the better option for your dog and why.

So, let’s dive straight in and answer that burning question.

Are bones or dental kits better for your dog?

While bones aren’t without their benefits, we believe the better, safer and healthier option for your furry friend is a dental kit.

However, as you’ll see from the rest of this article, the story of bones vs dental kits is more about how the latter outstrips the former rather than just being stronger in a couple of areas.

So, for complete disclosure, why don’t we lay out the benefits of bones and dental kits to showcase what we mean with that outstripping comment.

Benefits of bones?

There’s no denying that bones do have many benefits for your dog. From providing stimulus to just tasting great.

Starting with the science, bones are packed with nutrients including calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Plus, they have also been proven to possess tartar removing qualities which work on the exterior of your dog’s teeth.

Away from the science though, we all know pooches love to chew. It’s no surprise then that bones also offer mental stimulation through the action of chewing.

So, how do dental products stack up?

Benefits of dental kits? 

There’s no arguing against the fact that bones can be good for your dog. They stimulate the brain, deliver vital nutrients, and can even help clean teeth. 

However, to counter that, dogs have evolved a lot from running around forests hunting their din-dins - and so too have their needs. 

For example, bones can reduce tartar build up on outside of your pet’s teeth. But with products like dental wipes you can fight tartar, plaque and gum disease too, all while freshening their breath in the meantime. 

We admit that your dog won’t have access to the same amount of nutrients in our dental wipes as they have in a bone. But, they also stand no chance of splintering professionally produced dental products and potentially choking or causing serious damage to their inner workings from sharp bone fragments in them either.

When it comes to providing mental stimulation for your pup. Our silicone finger brushes and specially designed toothbrushes offer complete cleaning and differing textures to energise your pup’s grey matter. Because let’s face it, when you’re a dog looking for mental stimulation - chewing is chewing.

In addition, our toothpaste features an all-natural ingredients list approved by vets. 

Get your pet the best

So, there you have it, comprehensive proof that dental kits are better for your hound in the long run. 

But the best part about this is, our bundle contains all the amazing products outlined above, plus a couple more. So you’ll never feel like you’re not giving your pup the best care ever again. 

Shop the Dental Bundle now and you won’t look at another bone ever again. Promise. 

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