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Car Seat Cover - Back Seat or Boot

Car Seat Cover - Back Seat or Boot

Easy to Wash
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69 total reviews


Car Seat Cover - Back Seat or Boot

Car Seat Cover - Back Seat or Boot

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Introducing our premium car seat cover for dogs, designed to protect your vehicle's back seat or boot with a durable and waterproof shield. This versatile cover ensures a clean and comfortable ride for your furry friend, featuring easy installation, anti-slip technology, and a stylish design to keep your car interior in top condition while providing a cosy space for your pet.


Crafted with durability and heavy-duty performance in mind, this cover offers a universal fit, making it compatible with various car models. Its easy-to-wash design ensures effortless maintenance, while the scratch-proof material guarantees longevity. The anti-slip backing secures the cover in place, providing a stable surface for your pet, and thoughtful slots for car seat belts ensure safety during every journey. Elevate your travel experience with a product that prioritises both your car's interior and your pet's comfort.

• Durable
• Heavy Duty
• Universal Fit
• Easy to Wash
• Scratch Proof
• Anti-slip Backing
• Slots for Car Seat Belt

How to Use

Includes instructions on how to fit the car seat cover. Set up time is less than 1 minute and easy to follow.

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How do I protect my dog from car seats?

Hammock style car seat covers are perfect to protect your car seats from dog hair, muddy paws and scratches. If you prefer your dog to ride in the front seat, a front car seat cover is the right option for you.

What are the best car seat covers for dog hair?

Car seat covers that cover the seats end to end are the best to keep dog hair off seats. The back seat cover by OurDogsLife hooks onto the head rests, creating a hammock effect. This means even the back and side of the seats are protected and the hair stays contained within the cover.

Do dog seat covers work?

Yes, it is important that youtube a car seat cover specially designed for dogs. These are made to be easily wipeable and made from more durable material than average car seat covers.

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