Wipe Away All Health Risks: 4 Dog Cleaning Wipes For Any Occasion

Wipe Away All Health Risks: 4 Dog Cleaning Wipes For Any Occasion

Keeping up to date with your pup’s cleansing routine is imperative for helping them stay happy, healthy, and full of beans - just the way we like them. 

While there’s nothing better than a good bath for achieving an all-over cleanse, it’s not always practical to pop Fido in the tub. In addition, there are grubby areas you can’t even hit in the bath and we always want to avoid the perils of overbathing

So, in this blog, we’ll introduce you to 4 types of dog cleaning wipes that are perfect for battling the grime away from the bathtub. 

4 Dog Cleaning Wipes For Between Bath Beautification

Ear Cleaning Wipes

Ear cleaning wipes are especially good at getting to those areas it’s not safe to clean with water. Ear wipes that fit over your finger allow you the ability to get in there and gently work out any lingering gunk.

Cleaning your dog’s ears is an important part of ownership. The unsightly and bad-smelling wax that can build up in your pup’s lugholes can go on to cause infections and stress if left untreated.

Eye Cleaning Wipes

The eyes are an incredibly sensitive area and, as such, they need continual care. Tear stains are an ongoing battle and, while they may just look like benign eye snot, these build-ups can go on to cause larger problems for your pup.

But the good thing about tear stains is that they are instantly recognisable and easily removed with a gentle dog eye-cleaning wipe. Our wipes have been soaked in aloe vera and feature a non-irritation formula to help keep their stress levels in check.

Dental Wipes

Another area you can’t always reach effectively in the bath is the teeth. It will come as no surprise that your dog’s fangs and gums can get gunked up daily.

Keeping your pup’s pearly whites glistening should come as part of your normal grooming routine. A good doggie toothbrush is perfect for banishing plaque and tartar.

However, dental wipes are ideal for enhancing the clean or giving their gnashers a quick polish on the go.

Scented Grooming Wipes

As we come to the final stop on our alternative cleanliness tour, the first thing to mention is, as we said above, wipes are not here to replace a bath.

A good all-in-one dog shampoo and conditioner will have their coat and skin looking and feeling great.

But if you’ve just got back from a mucky winter walk or you think your pooch’s hygiene could do with a top-up in between baths then grooming wipes are the way forwards. Scented, treated with aloe vera, and durable they’ll make that muck history.

When it comes to keeping your pup clean and fresh you can’t beat a good soak. But, when the tub is out of reach or you’re in between washes on your grooming schedule, it’s nice to know there’s a safe alternative to the suds.

Our comprehensive range of dog cleaning wipes offer a simple, safe, and great-smelling option for keeping your pup pong-free - which is welcome news as we start venturing into the muckier seasons.

While we’re on the subject of mucky seasons. Why not check out our top grooming tips for autumn to help keep your furry friend fresh this fall.

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