Purr-Fect Stocking Fillers For Your Pet Santa Sacks

Purr-Fect Stocking Fillers For Your Pet Santa Sacks

When we say that Christmas is a time for the whole family to come together, we mean the whole family!

Our dogs are there for us all year. Providing laughs, love and lots of adventures. So it’s only right that we treat them during the holiday season too, right?

But humans are hard enough to buy for, so what do you even think about getting the dog? Never fear, we’ve outlined our top 5 stocking fillers for Fido.

From new toys to self care, we’ve covered every base in this collection. So let’s get into it!

Top 5 Dog Stocking Fillers For Sure-Fire Festive Fun

  1. Dog cologne 
  2. Personalised treats
  3. New Toy
  4. Personalised towel
  5. Balm Bundle 

1. Dog Cologne 

We all love getting that latest scent for Christmas to leave us smelling our best over the party season. The same goes for your pooch!

Our dog cologne is the perfect stocking filler to have them smelling like Thierry Pugler himself. Just spray it on when they get stinky or as a final flourish after their bath. 

2. Personalised Treats 

Always a welcome addition to the festivities, a good treato will have them behaving themselves throughout the fun. They might even stop eyeing up the turkey. 

Although, if you have a particularly greedy pup, getting their name embossed on the biscuits might be needless decoration. Especially if they’ll be gone in one chomp anyway.

3. New Toy

A staple of any celebration. Getting them a new toy for Christmas is a must! But, with it being a special season, why not think about upping the toy ante a little

This personalised patterned denim bone is a great option from Buffy Treasures on Etsy. It’s tough enough to last through play time and won’t look awful and deichevelled when left out on the rug.

4. Personalised Towel

Another option is a personalised towel. Getting them nice and dry is a winter and autumnal grooming essential.

That dry will be made even better if Fido has his own towel. Plus, it will also mean that you don’t have to nominate one towel in the house to be relegated to dog dryer. 

5. Balm Bundle 

How about introducing some self-care into their stocking? Our Balm Bundle is perfect for taking care of any itchy, dry, and cracked skin. 

During the winter an increase in baths and a decrease in temperature can cause your pup’s sensitive skn to crack and irritate them. 

This soothing bundle with paw and nose balm, as well as itch-relief balm, defends against all those dry skin nasties. 


How About a Puppy Bundle?

Thinking of gracing your home with a new four-legged friend this holiday season? 

Firstly, remember the golden rule about dogs not just being for Christmas and, secondly, think about getting prepped with everything you need to welcome your new puppy

Our Puppy Bundle comes with some top products included to help smooth the path of those first few weeks and months. From first aid to protection for your motor’s upholstery. 

Puppy Bundle

Thinking of something else?

If you’ve still got some room left in your lucky pup’s Santa sack, then why not check out the rest of our product collection

Whether you want to make bathtime a breeze or introduce some supplements to give their health a welcome boost, we’ve got you covered.

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