Our Complete Guide To The Best UK Springtime Dog Walks

Our Complete Guide To The Best UK Springtime Dog Walks

Springtime dog walks are a thing of beauty. 

There’s nothing finer than planning ahead and getting out into nature with your best friend on a crisp Sunday afternoon. Maybe a stop in at the local watering hole on the way back to the car?

Stomping around the countryside is good for you and your pup. But where are the best spots for making the most of the technicolour gorgeousness of UK springtime in full bloom?

Where’s Best To Walk Your Dog During Spring In The UK?

We’ve listed a few of our favourite spots to drink in the majesty of springtime with your pup in tow. 

  • Roseberry Topping, North Yorkshire 
  • Four Falls Trail, Breacon Beacons 
  • Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire
  • Monsal Dale, Derbyshire 
  • Llyn Padarn, Llanberis
Roseberry Topping 

The quintessential English springtime stroll. Take your pooch on a wondrous adventure through a sea of bluebells. 

But be sure to take in the beauty of this stunning spot from the safety of the labeled paths, as bluebells are toxic to pooches. 

While this scene is undoubtedly mesmeric, the full walk is around 8 miles long. So it’s one of the longer strolls to negotiate. You might want to make a day of it. 

Four Falls Trail 

Is it really a list about showstopping strolls in the UK if it doesn’t include a soujourn around the Breacon Beacons?

Four Falls is challenging, but it’s also one of the best dog walks in Wales. Over the (roughly) 4-hour duration you’ll be treated to some incredible views out over the famous Welsh countryside. 

A special treat is getting the opportunity to walk behind a waterfall. Just make sure you take some wet weather gear for you and your pup. Or come back in the summer and have a proper dip to cool off. 

Castle Fraser

This dreamy location is perfect whatever the weather. But laced in the golden glow of a spring afternoon, there might not be anywhere finer. 

If you’re in the area, treat your pooch to a ramble along the Alton Brae Trail. It will take around 90 minutes to complete. But during that time you’ll be surrounded by staggering, springy vistas including some pretty majestic views of the castle. 

Monsal Dale 

Travelling back south we come to the Midlands and the famed Derbyshire countryside. Monsal Dale is an incredible springtime dog walk. 

This four-and-a-half mile stomp will see you take in the Headstone Viaduct, as well as some of the most captivating wildflower meadows you’ve ever seen. 

Llyn Padarn 

Our final UK springtime dog walk entry sees us nip back over the border into North Wales and this time we’re in lovely Llanberis. 

On this relaxing circular trail, wander with your faithful companion in the imposing shadow of the Snowdonia National Park. Navigate old oak forests, quarries, and majestic lakes. 

Get Walkies Essentials With DogsLife 

Now you know where you should be walking, it’s time to get properly prepped. Much the same as autumnal grooming, your spring walks require tailored care for your pup. 

We recommend getting these essentials in your bag before setting off: 

With those must-have’s in your pack, you should be well set to take on the best of the British countryside with your best friend. 

Have one for us when you find that local watering hole!

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