How to Spoil Your Pooch With an At-Home Salon Treatment

How to Spoil Your Pooch With an At-Home Salon Treatment

Our pooches all love a good pamper and, let’s be honest, we like treating them just as much. Right?

But how can you take the pamper-o-meter and turn it up to 100?

In this article we’ll take you through a step-by-step guide for luxuriating your pup with an at-home spa day and tell you about the products you’ll need to get the job done.

9 Steps to Delivering a Doggie Spa Day

Step 1: Walkies

Start your soothing spa day off in the right vein, by heading out on a brisk morning stroll. Walks are great for your dog and your fitness too but they also stimulate your dog’s grey matter and improve your bond.

Step 2: Head Massage

Stand your dog up and go to work on the head. Gently move your fingers in circular motions down towards the neck. Apply some more pressure to move the skin around and get into those “good spots”. Those legs will be kicking like crazy.

Step 3: The Shoulder Rub

Moving on from their bonce, you can start working the shoulders. This is a big powerful area for most dogs, so you can be a little more robust with your movements.

Sit them down or let them hit the deck completely and go to town with those circular motions once more. Now we’re talking.

Step 4: The Paw-dicure

Once they are in a complete state of zen you can move on to beautifying the tootsies. A quick, simple and safe way to complete the paw-dicure is with our Nail Grinder.

Step 5: De-nasty Those Gnashers

Once the paws are taken care of you can move back up to the top end and give their teeth a good brush. Our Dental Care Kit has everything you need to complete the clean.

Step 6: Bath time

Now it’s time for some hydrotherapy. Run a warm bath and plonk them in the suds. Gently massage in a good shampoo and conditioner that will leave their coat looking and feeling fresh.

Step 7: Brush It Out

At this point they are probably feeling themselves pretty hard. Once your dog is out of the bath, dry them off with a towel brush out any dead hairs. Using slow calm movements will help keep your pup in that state of zen - as we all know baths and brushes can be stressful.

Step 8: Apply Scent

Now they’re washed, dried, brushed, pedicured, and massaged it’s time for the finishing touch. A light spritz of dog cologne will leave them smelling good enough to eat.

Step 9: Treatos

The perfect way to end this trip to the at-home spa is with a handful of their favourite snacks. Then why not settle down with a film?

Some may think that treating your furry friend to a spa day is a little “much”. But don’t listen to them.

As long as you keep it fun and interesting, luxuriating Fido is a great way to spoil them and improve your relationship.

Check out our full range of grooming products for more ways to pamper your pup.

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