How to Get Started With Obedience Training Your Dog: A Simple Guide

How to Get Started With Obedience Training Your Dog: A Simple Guide

In a recent survey, over 53% of dog owners said they’d never been to see a professional trainer. 

But, whether you’ve just welcomed a new puppy or you’ve decided to adopt an older pup, you need to ensure they know good behaviour and can execute it on command. 

In this blog, we’ll show you some of the ways you can get started with training your dog. From basic commands to some top tips to know about - before long you and your new friend will be a better partnership than wine and cheese. 

But, before we get into any technical details, let’s jump into why dog obedience training is so important

Why Start Obedience Training?

You may not know this, but dogs crave routine and structure. Well-behaved pooches are generally healthier than untrained pets too. 

What’s more, although they may not look it when they get constantly surprised by their own tail, your dog is super intelligent. They want to be mentally stimulated and the challenge of training provides this. 

In addition, learning basic key commands allows your pup to enjoy their life more. It will mean you have the freedom to take them to meet new friends.

Plus, obedience training is also brilliant for growing your bond. It means you need to spend time together getting to know each other and your furry friend sees you as a master as well as a friend. 

But, with so many techniques and tricks about dog training out there, where do you even begin?

How to Get Started 

When it comes to beginning your dog training journey, no matter what age pup you’re dealing with, it’s best to start simple. 

The best 3 commands to start with are: 

  • Sit 
  • Stay 
  • Lie down 

Teaching your dog to sit, stay and lie down is incredibly important for increasing their recall ability. This means you can have them off the lead and still keep control. 

However, it also has more domestic benefits. For example, nailing the “stay” command ensures your pup will be easier to handle when it’s time to break out the grooming kit

Top Tips to Know Before Starting Dog Obedience Training 

But, while all this coaching is great for your relationship and even better for the dog, it does take dedication on your part to keep the schedule. 

With that in mind here are our 4 top tips for nailing your training: 

  1. Stay positive 
  2. Remove distractions 
  3. Stay patient 
  4. Keep training sessions short 

1. Stay positive

It’s been proven that Positive Behaviour Training is the best way to get results from your pup

2. Get their attention

Try to complete your training sessions in an environment that offers as few distractions as possible 

3. Stay patient

Just like in humans, it can take dogs some time to pick up new skills. So keep your patience and remember - they’re learning. 

4. Break it up 

It’s best to keep your training sessions to 10-15 minute slots about 2-3 times a day. Any longer and you will start to lose their focus. 

Have Fun Training Your Pup 

The main thing to remember when getting started with obedience training your dog is - to have fun!

Spending time with your dog is meant to be fun, whether you’re training or not. So remember our tips and have a great time.

If you’re feeling great, the positive energy will travel to your pup. 

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