Autumn Grooming & Care Top Tips

Autumn Grooming & Care Top Tips

As the season changes and we welcome back the rainy, muddy dog walks, it is as important as ever to ensure you are staying on top of your pups grooming routine.

To keep your dog from feeling the winter chill, you might be tempted to let their hair grow long and thick. However, dog grooming couldn't be more crucial at this time of year.

You must consider the effects of the weather on your furry friend's paws and coat while you take your daily stroll. Although our dogs hardly ever sneer at rainy or cloudy days, you should keep in mind that they shouldn't stay wet for too long. Imagine having wet hair and having to venture outside in the bitter cold.

Little ice balls or stones may accumulate between your dog's paw pads as a result of grit or salt on the roads, as well as freezing weather. If these aren't taken away your dog might begin to lick the salt, which could cause digestive problems, or the ice, which could make your dog prone to infections.

Double-coated breeds and others with thick, long fur may be more "winter-ready" than dogs with short hair, but if the coat isn't kept in good shape, the gift of these thick coats in winter can soon turn into a problem that needs greater attention. 

Matted fur causes discomfort, agony, and hot areas instead of insulating or providing warmth. Maintaining your dog's regular grooming helps keep them healthy as well as keeping them looking their best. Matting can even result in diseases beneath the skin.

Our Autumn Grooming Tips

Brush – thoroughly brush through your dog's coat after thoroughly drying it with a towel or low-heat blow dryer. To maintain their coats in top condition in between thorough grooming, use the DogsLife Scented grooming wipes (100 percent biodegradable) or any of the DogsLife coat grooming products such as our Skin balm or Drywash shampoo.

Regular Grooming - to keep your dog's coat at a more manageable length, make sure your dog has regular full grooming's. You will find it simpler to maintain a schedule and preserve them mat-free as a result. To keep your dog smelling fresh, have some DogsLife Shampoo and conditioner on hand in your home.

Paws - following those lengthy walks, just wash your dog's paws in a bowl of warm water and pat them dry with a towel to ensure there are no hidden nasties between the pads. Trim the fur in between the pads and use DogsLife Paw and Nose Balm to nourish and protect

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