6 Must-Know Tips for Achieving Road Trip Perfection With Your Pup

6 Must-Know Tips for Achieving Road Trip Perfection With Your Pup

We’re definitely a nation of doggie road trip lovers. According to recent research, nearly 12 million owners plan to take their pups on the road each year.

If you’re one of that roadtrippin’ rabble, then there are some tips to canine travel that you should be aware of. In this blog we’ll go through them all.

But, first, let’s talk road trip pet prep!

How to prepare your dog for a road trip

Whether you fancy a weekend at the beach or a ride out to the woods, there are some plans to be made before you can put the pedal to the metal.

Keeping them cooped up in the car for hours can stress out your pet. But the top UK road trip apps will help plan your route, so you can plot out some stop-offs at local dog parks for a mid-trip leg stretch.  

Plus, if your dog is new to road-tripping, take a few journeys in the car beforehand to get them used to the environment.

Now you’re all prepped and ready to go, why don’t we introduce you to our top tips for doggie road tripping delight?

 6 Tips for awesome dog road trips

  1.       Keep them secure
  2.       Heads inside the vehicle
  3.       Take water and snacks
  4.       Pack your I.D.
  5.       Pack a first aid kit

Secure the precious cargo

Your furry-friend should travel in the back seat with either a harness that buckles into the seatbelt or in a well-ventilated crate or carrier. Although, the carrier should be large enough for them to stand and lie down in.

Heads and ears inside the vehicle at all times

Yep, we all love to see a funny dog hanging its head out of the window and your pupper probably loves it too.

However, keeping them safely tucked away in the vehicle prevents them from coming face-to-snout with a piece of flying grit.

Water and snackos

Another top road trip tip is to ensure you have plenty of snacks and water for your dog. They can get dehydrated in the car over long periods, so take their favourite water bowl and let them lap up the good stuff on that pre-planned pitstop.

Be sure not to feed your dog on the road as the movement may cause some car sickness issues.

You got any I.D.?

When you’re heading out with your dog, always remember to put their identification on them at all times. Their I.D. tag should show their name and your best contact information.

First-aid kit

Nobody wants to think about something happening to their pup while they’re trying to enjoy a trip together. But our first-aid kits come packed with over 30 pieces of equipment to help you with everything from insect bites to administering CPR.

Now get out there

Now you know what you need to do to keep them happy in the motor, check out our other doggie travel products to see how else we can smooth the road in front of you.

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