5 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Dog Ear Wipes

5 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Dog Ear Wipes

When your pup’s ears start itching or you’ve just got back from a muddy walk and you need to clean their lugholes, our Dog Ear Cleaning Wipes are there to help. 

But there’s more to these pocket-sized sludge-busters than meets the eye. 

In this blog, we’ll drop some truth bombs on you - not the hurty feelings kind, the “oooh, that’s interesting kind” as we give you some unknown facts about our wipes. 

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What Are Dog Ear Cleaning Wipes?

Dog ear cleaning wipes are super-durable wet wipes specially adapted to whip the grime from your pooches’ lugholes without causing them harm. 

Because using cotton buds to clean your dog's ears is too risky and can end up hurting your pup. DogsLife created a wipe that does it all with minimal stress. 

Our wipes fit in your rucksack to provide cleaning power wherever you go. But what else do you need to know about our wet wonders?

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Facts About Dog Ear Cleaning Wipes 

Ear cleaning wipes are perfect for when you need to administer more regular cleans. What else didn’t you know about them?

  1. They fit your finger 
  2. Loaded with aloe vera 
  3. Great moisturising qualities - malic acid
  4. Can reduce skin irritation - hazel extract
  5. Rated 5-stars by users

1. They Fit To Your Finger 

Our wipes come in packs of 50 and the special design means that, rather than pulling out wipe after wipe from a tricky pack, you just pull out one wipe each time. 

The finger design also means you’re in control of administering a decent clean without going too deep and risking damage to their ear canals. 

Plus, because it’s your finger in there, your pup might start to think they’re just getting extra scratchies. But we know the truth - cue evil laugh. No, but seriously, it may help them enjoy cleaning time a little more. 

2. Soaked In Aloe Vera

Our special formulation means these wipes come covered in super-gentle and sweet-smelling aloe vera. 

The aloe ensures their skin is looked after while you’re wiping away any leftover nasties from that walk that turned into more of a paddle. 

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3. Awesome Moisturiser 

Another ingredient that's seeped into our wipes is malic acid. We included this because of its incredible ability to lock in moisture. 

Now, we don’t want too much moisture in there. But if your pooches’ ears become dry and itchy these wipes provide a soothing relief.

Additionally, we’re talking about skin here. And unless you’re rearing a baby rhino, all skin needs a bit of moisture.  

4. Reduces Skin Irritation 

If your furry friend is suffering from an infection or general ear skin irritation, wipes can help soothe the burn. 

Yes, the aloe is gentle on their skin, and malic acid will provide that much-needed moisture barrier. 

But our products also include hazel extract. Hazel extract has been proven to help reduce swelling. It also has incredible anti-inflammatory properties and can encourage blood flow. Clever stuff right?

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5. Rated 5-stars 

The best thing about our wipes is that they come tried and tested by you! Out of 213 people who reviewed them, 184 rated them 5 stars while the other 29 gave them 4 stars. 

We’ll take that!

Where To Buy Dog Ear Cleaning Wipes?

Dog ear cleaning wipes have the ability to soothe your pooches' pesky receivers. Through a specialist formula, ours help to moisturise, deodorise, calm irritation, and remove gunk. 

The best news is, they’re available to buy online today! What else could you want?

Buy your pack of 50 DogsLife Ear Cleaning Wipes today and start waving goodbye to itchy, annoying ears. 

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