Chicken Coop Bundle

Chicken Coop Bundle

No Maintenance Needed
Excellent Protection
Complete Coop Kit
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Chicken Coop Bundle

Chicken Coop Bundle

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No Maintenance Needed
Excellent Protection
Complete Coop Kit

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The Ultimate Chicken Coop Bundle

Elevate your poultry care with this Ultimate Chicken Coop Bundle, designed to provide safety, convenience, and ease of maintenance for your feathered friends.

This all-in-one package includes the Penthouse Coop, Nestera Automatic Door Opener, a durable Wheel Set, easy-to-clean Droppings Trays, and a spacious 2m Run.

The Penthouse Coop

The Penthouse Coop offers a safe and comfortable space for your chickens with its 45cm ground clearance, protecting them from predators and the elements. Raised walls shield from sun, rain, and wind, making it ideal for drinkers and feeders. This large model is perfect for housing up to 8 medium-sized hens, ensuring they have plenty of room to thrive.

Nestera Automatic Door Opener

Say goodbye to early morning wake-ups with the Nestera Automatic Door Opener. This innovative device can be set to open and close based on light levels or specific times, providing flexibility and peace of mind. It also features a manual open and close function, giving you full control over your chickens' access to the coop.

Durable Wheel Set

The durable Wheel Set, crafted from strong yet lightweight aluminum, allows for effortless maneuverability of your chicken coop. Designed for easy handling, it enables one person to move the coop with ease, making relocation and maintenance a breeze. Built to last, this wheel set ensures long-term convenience and usability.

Easy-to-Clean Droppings Trays

Maintain a clean and hygienic coop environment with our easy-to-clean Droppings Trays. Made from 2.5mm-thick ABS recycled plastic, these trays are lightweight, stackable, and simple to clean. Ideal for large coops, this kit includes three rectangular trays, streamlining the maintenance process and keeping your coop spotless.

Spacious 2m Run

Give your chickens ample space to roam with the 2m Run, meticulously crafted from hot-dip galvanized steel weld mesh and coated with a resilient PPA finish. Specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with the Large Raised Coop, this run provides a secure and spacious area for your chickens to explore and enjoy, promoting their health and well-being.

Upgrade your poultry care with the Ultimate Chicken Coop Bundle, combining safety, convenience, and ease of use for a superior chicken-keeping experience.

How to Use

Penthouse Coop
The penthouse is suitable for 8 medium size hens.

Automatic Door Opener
Suitable for use with sliding doors on Nestera plastic chicken coops and other coops with vertical doors.

Wheel Set
Begin by ensuring that your Nestera Raised chicken coop is positioned on a flat surface. Then, align the wheel set with the designated slots on the coop frame. With the quick-release clips, securely attach the wheels to the coop by engaging the clips, ensuring a snug fit. Once attached, you can effortlessly move your coop to your desired location by gently pushing or pulling it.

Dropping Trays
Simply place them on the floor of your chicken coop, positioning them to cover the areas where droppings are most likely to accumulate. When it's time to clean, slide the trays out of the coop, carefully dispose of the collected droppings, and rinse the trays with water to remove any residue.

2m Run
Start by ensuring it is securely attached to your large Nestera Penthouse coop, providing your chickens with ample outdoor space. Each run extension increases this area by one square meter, offering additional room for your flock to roam. Allow your chickens access to the run for the majority of the day, ensuring they can exhibit natural behaviors while remaining protected from potential predators.

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